Thursday, May 17, 2012

To The Dentist, The Candystore, Prison and Mexico...

I really shouldn't be eating candy for many reasons, but especially since my dentist recently found that I had the second cavity ever in my life! It was filled without incident or root canal. I really can't continue to be lazy and rely on my good genetics to protect my teeth forever, especially as I age.

Then I came across this blog's awesome instructions for how to make a Starburst wrapper chain bracelet, and started eating candy like mad:

This folding technique may have originated in prisons. My mother has a picture frame made this way, made with folded cigarette wrappers. I have some purses from Mexico made like this, made from snack packaging.

Some websites call these "Basura Bags". That's the Spanish word for garbage, but I love it!

I purchases a bulk bag of Starbursts from Target. When I realized there were uneven numbers of flavors, I purchased single candies from Partycity. I'm sure I'll be visiting them again, soon!

After a whole lot of unwrapping and folding, I'm done with the first bracelet now, and totally sick of Starbursts. I don't want to ever eat another Starburst, but yes, I did eat the 44 Starbursts that went into this picture, below:

My fingertips are so sore from all the folding involved in this type of project. Ow, indeed!


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