Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Travel...

Scents and tastes easily activate old memories.

When I was a young whippersnapper, there was a store called Thrifty's and it sold many things but most importantly, it sold award-winning icecream.

This icecream was so cheap that even my broke-ass family could afford it! ;D We could even get a double scoop, most of the time! The scoops were slightly odd because they were squre like this:

Then an evil shoe company named Payless bought them all. Then another evil company called Rite Aid bought all the Thrify/Payless stores.

Lucky for us all, most of the current Rite Aids that were former Thrifty's still sell icecream.

If I eat icecream after 8 pm I have very strange dreams. I did just that, last night. In a line full of people buying booze, there I was with my icecream cartons. Not just one but TWO, mind you. It was a hard, lonely weekend. Never eat icecream alone at home, kids. And definitely don't eat it late at night or you'll turn into a Gremlin, like me.


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