Saturday, November 19, 2011

San Jose Berryessa Flea Market...

So much more fun than writing an essay, even though today was easily the coldie-est day of the year. I was like, "Brr!" the whole time, motherfuckers!

From Wikipedia-

The San Jose Flea Market, located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, was founded by George Bumb Sr. in March 1960. His idea to open a flea market sparked while working in the solid waste and landfill business. He witnessed an abundance of treasures thrown away every day and realized he could make a profit from these discarded items. After visiting swap meets in Los Angeles and Paris’ Thieves Market for inspiration, George Bumb Sr. established the San Jose Flea Market on 1590 Berryessa Road in San Jose, California.

He bought 120 acres (0.49 km2) of an old meat-processing plant and remodeled it to create a market with an initial 20 vendors and only 100 customers per day. Now, the San Jose Flea Market is the largest open-air market in the U.S. and has become a California landmark with over four million visitors each year.


Mr. Bumb was way ahead of the whole ecology movement. The novel "Kite Runner" even mentions this place! But far as I'm concerned, The Berryessa Flea market is about as close to visiting Mexico as I'll probably ever get! I really do hate to pack for a trip! >_<;

I always wonder what happened to the Aztec queen in these kinds of pictures, because she's always swooning or dead, or something. I heard that J-Lo used to make her second husband carry her around. Never did hear anything like that about Marc Anthony, or El Piqueno. I wonder who will be the next ex-Mr. Lopez? You go, Jenny From the Block!

The area known as "Produce Row" was quiet today.

Roasted nuts taste a million times better than salty ones, but this doesn't mean you should keep your laptop on your actual lap, guys!

I got some less-than-perfect looking apples, oranges and bananas. We'll see how long they keep. The price was certainly right!

I saw a dude preparing cactus leaves(?) with a potato peeler! Didn't taste any of this, but maybe next time I'll be brave.

I love the mysterious spice stalls.

One pineapple juice and one mango cup, please! Remember kids: the darker the mango, the sweeter the flesh!

Food is good but you all know by now that I really love stuff.

I found unsatisfying Adidas items. I was hoping to find some bootleg pendants and underwear, but the Adidas La Migra must have already swept this Flea Market because I only saw two fake Adidas jackets in the whole place! Everything else had only two stripes.

Mexican wrestling and soccer gear are sort of like my version of what French Maid and Naughty Nurse outfits are, for most guys.

The masks that come with a cape are for little kids. Little girl wrestler = luchadorita?

One of my parents' friends was a Mexican-American cowboy and he always had the best boots. He wore the really pointy kind and they were always burnt cherry colored.

None of the candy dealers recognize me anymore (I lost hella weight three years ago) but at one time I was one of their most prized customers. Ah the "Rebelde Years".

Pinatas make me very happy, though I didn't grow up having them. I was 29 when I first had a pinata at my birthday. That Bob Esponja in the back looks scary and hungry.

Wow! I saw two places with munecas de trapos (rag dolls) today! I never used to see these, before. On the wall you can see Mexico's version of "Hello Kitty": a cute, crayon drawing version of the Virgin Mary. This motif started showing up in the mid '00s on jewelry, stickers and clothes.

I've been known to wear a folklorico dress, in my day. What's not to love? Bright colors, big poufy skirt and lace. Yep, sounds like Holly Heaven.

I saw more Day of the Dead stuff today than I've seen in the past six years! What's a gringa to do?!

Right corner of display case: !offrenda piquena! I think those are fruit loops.

Oh my God I am going to make some of these as soon as I'm done with school! !R.I.P. borrachitos!

It was such a cold day that my thoughts turned to blankets.

It's not my fault that I found someone with really big sarapes for a good price! This is only the second one of these I have! I already have a yellow one. Amarillo by morning...

But there was another blanket I've been looking for and today I brought it home.

That's right, bitches. Seriously, the guy at the Korean Mink Blanket stand I bought this at told me they found Tupac down in Mexico. He said the guy had all the same tattoos. I'm gonna have to Google that one!

I was hauling around my own bodyweight in fruit and blankets by the time 5 o'clock rolled around. It was getting dark and even colder, but you just can't leave the Berryessa Flea market without getting a warm "!Churro, churro, churro!". They set up stands near the exits and that's what the vendors call out to you. Most amazing churro you've ever had, I guarantee ;D


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