Thursday, November 10, 2011

For a Decent Donut, You Have to Go to the Bad Part of Town...

Have you noticed that you just can't get a good donut in the nice part of town? I don't like donuts from the grocery store, either! You gotta go to the bad part of town for a decent donut.

Oh, and I should mention that Psycho Donuts is technically a boutique donut establishment and doesn't count as a regular donut shop!

I found myself in the bad part of town, tonight, and so I got myself a donut. My favorite is white cake with white frosting and chopped peanuts. Once I had a really bad fever and started hallucinating. I controlled my mind by focusing on this type of donut, I'm not kidding.
The Yum Yum Donuts chain is somehow affiliated with Winchell's, according to the shirts that the Yum Yum Donuts employees wear, anyhow.

At the location I visited tonight, they had a great donut selection, but I got just the one "blanco con cacahuates" or "white with peanuts". Yes, I actually ordered it in Spanish.

This location is great because it used to be a Winchell's. I remember coming to this shop with my family when I was probably like 4 years old. There was this one time we went fishing with my uncle up in Santa Cruz early, early in the morning and we stopped and got donuts here.

The light fixtures in this Winchells turned Yum Yum are special. The picture below doesn't do them justice.

They remind me of a really big Lego block. Then I remembered that I've seen this same light fixture, in a movie, of someone getting donuts in a bad part of town!

Good ole Boogie Nights shows up in my blog for a second time. Check out the light fixture in the upper left corner! Take the money, Buck!

Bad part of town or no, donuts are great!


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