Friday, November 25, 2011

Chinese Astrology...

I've been a student of Asian Lunar astrology, usually called Chinese astrology, since I was a teenager. Chinese astrology is a far older system than the commonly-known Greek horoscope that has the signs Aries, Virgo, Leo, etc. I've also found Lunar astrology to be "more accurate" than the Greek system, which recently had to add a new sign and change the periods of the original signs to accommodate planetary shifting. Which star constellation the sun happened to be passing through in the exact timezone where you were born is such a sketchy way to determine something as important as your sign! Lunar astrology is based on 12-year cycles that go by far more reliable monthly moons ;P

You're most compatible with people that are either older or younger than you by multiples of four years.

Hey, we all have our irrational beliefs, mine just happen to follow an ancient system. I am a Year of the Horse. I'm actually the poster-girl for Year of the Horse.


Compatibility Of Horse With Dog

You are a rare uncommon combination, for you have many things in common. You have less load of ironing out the differences because they are very few. Humor is part of the nature of you both and that makes your relationship lively.

Bite you, Doggie!

The Horse has the strength and the Dog has the wit and both of you are aware of the strong points of each other. Dog is not interested in unnecessary gossip, you concentrate on your job and nothing else. Horse is basically a wanderer but the charisma and the level of integrity of the dog, keeps you tied to the Dog.

My nose is coldie!

You are industrious and have aptitude for hard work that carry your projects to the point of success. The interests of the Horse are varied and your general knowledge is vast and astounding. Dog is fascinated by your level of intelligence and capacity for hard work, when the occasion demands.

Hard work, like kicking some Doggie-tail into shape! ;P

You have a perfect and amazing love life. That does not mean that you are free from conflicts in this area. Your conflicts are of the intellectual level, and when you are able to solve them by proper application, you feel satisfied and elevated. Many times you behave as if it is your first date! Horse likes constant appreciation of the Dog. The dog is able to tie down the unsteady horse.

Mmm I love furry ears.

The happy go lucky Horse fails at times, to understand the varying moods of the Dog and why the Dog goes into the groove and takes time to return to the original jovial disposition! Your physical connection is strong and that makes your relationship more interesting! To tame the mercurial Horse is not an ordinary achievement. That the Dog does it to perfection, is no ordinary bonus for the Dog!

Matching outfts! So cute!

You share a dynamic work-place in business. Integrity and hard work are the two cornerstones for success in any business venture. Both of you have these qualities. Both of you love to travel and take risks in business. You are fully committed to what you do.

Love you, Doggie-boy!

Since, your basics about the business are good, it sets the momentum of growth in profits. The normally unpredictable Horse also gets immersed in business related activities and works with the single pointed devotion being inspired by the absolute commitment of the Dog.

As per the Chinese Astrology, your compatibility ratio is 90%. Good going. You have the intrinsic worth to achieve the remainder of 10% and make it 100% success!

Dogs and Horses: best together when on wheels.


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