Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toys From Around the World...

I've collected toys my whole life, even while supposedly playing with them, as a fastidious little kid.

At one time I was the country's leading collector / hoarder of Takara Jenny and Licca chan dolls from Japan.

I think I had around 600 of these dolls, but I never actually counted them, though.

The collection got out of control and eventually took over the apartment.

Then I added a Hello Kitty addiction to the existing problem.

All the while, still playing video games, also from Japan.

Then I moved, and put all this crap into storage.

How did one little kitty gather up so much junk?!

In the Summer of 2010, I decided to stop the madness and empty out the storage unit. I miraculously found one buyer for the Jenny dolls. She's the Jenny Queen now.

I didn't get rid of everything, though. I guess you could say I am a recovering hoarder. I still collect stuff, but nothing like before! I expect a relapse at any time ;P

See the awesome quilt I "found" in there?

Sock monkeys!

Below are hollowed out coconut shells, made into little purses. Most of them have "Hawaii" painted on their foreheads.

I only have three  bookcases of stuff now, which is cutting way back, according to my standards.

I love these dolls from Mexico, below.

Below are some Japanese kokeshi dolls from an art exhibit. I have a few of these, too.

The figurine sets below are from China. They're all only about 2 inches tall. They were a gift from a guy that looks quite a bit like George Lucas.

They really are cute!

This is the dharuma that I gave an eye to when I passed the National Interpreter Certification test in 2008. he sits on my desk, at work.


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