Monday, October 10, 2011

Stamp Show 05-01-11

I haven't been to a stamp show since I went to Pac97 with Ken and we took Caltrain! I drove us up to SF this time. It was so nice to see all the stamp people, again! They've known me since I was 11 years old!

This is a great example of the kind of stock that a show dealer has to carry with him. Keep in mind, the average age of a stamp dealer is like, 107 years old. This is A&D Stamp's impressive inventory.

The stamps in the boxes below cost only as much as it says on the stamp! All those stories you heard growing up about valuable stamps is all urban mythology. Most stamps from the US are only worth their face value. Stamps aren't a great investment, truth be told. If you must buy stamps, absolutely don't let anyone con you into investing in anything made after 1920 or so!

Collectors from all over the country exhibit their collections at Westpex. These frames go on for miles, it seems!

Autographs from some of the Flying Tigers.

This envelope was carried on a German Graf Zeppelin (it's like a blimp).

Scary Communist stamps from North Korea, 1970.

If not for these guys, what would have become of me? I cannot thank God enough for the positive influence these two men have had on my unworthy life. Ken Sinclair of Stampcraft (left) and Richard Clever of Asia Philatelics (right). I grew up in Ken's shop, hanging out and working there from age 11 to 24.

Richard let me rent a room from him so I could "finish" up at Ohlone. His daughters were artistic roller skaters and their competition photos were all around his home. I think they may have had a subliminal influence on me ;D

I love these guys so much I just had to throw this one in, too!

On the way home, I stopped by where I was born. Notice how it's not a hospital! My hippie parents were the apartment managers. Wes also plopped out here ;D

Thanks for making this pic, PP!


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