Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In 2009 I learned everything I could about India. I gravitated first to the fashion, of course.

I own this blue silk saree, woven with images from The Mahabharata. Below you can see Draupadi and her five demi-god husbands, the Pandavas. The smaller image, at the bottom, is husband #1 Arjuna, aiming at a mechanical fish on the ceiling by looking down at its reflection in a pool of water.

This is how Arjuna proved himself to Draupadi at her swayamvara, an event where a princess got to choose which man she wanted as her husband. When Arjuna presented Draupadi to his mother, he wanted to surprise her and simply said, "Mother! I've brought you a great treasure!" to which Kunti automatically replied, as she had for many years to her five sons, "Share it with your brothers!"

Arjuna, as are all good sons, is bound to follow the words of his mother, and Draupadi ended up with five husbands. It turns out that Draupadi had this in her karma, because she had once wished for a husband that was everything a man could possibly be, which is impossible for one man to accomplish. The story goes that Draupadi would stay one year with each brother, bearing him a child during that time.

Another silk saree in my collection. Am I ever going to wear these things!?

The saree below is also silk, but not quite as fancy as the two above.

The saree below is the most fancy example that I own. It comes from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, which is in the south of India. 

Below are Kshatriya (warrior class) ladies from Rajasthan, India, which is in the north. Their arm bracelets are called "choodla" and I have a set, too! I want to hang out with them!

Below is a bangle stall, somewhere in India. Looks like fun!

Below is a Durga Mudra dancer.

The doll below is making the ASL sign for "interpreter".

Lord Krishna comforts his disciple Radha, below.

Along with learning about the fashion of India, I learned a bit about her men. Below is the world's most famous actor, Sharukh Khan.

I'd hit it, but he's been married for a million years, already ;P

John Abraham, below, is yet to be married. Hmm...

 A cute cartoon Sardar-ji on a moto-scooter.


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