Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asian Grocery Stores...

If I'm not in a thriftstore, I'm probably wandering around an independent grocery store of another culture. It's another great way to feel like you're traveling, without having to pack a dreaded suitcase.

Only smart people buy fresh food. The rest of us eat carrion that has been dead for hours, never considering the health repercussions. No wonder we have so many health problems, people! Most of us in the so-called First World have no idea how food is truly supposed to taste.

They were frying a fish as I walked by and it smelled SO good! This chart just cracked me up, though! They are so accommodating!

Keropi have been hunted to extinction for these snacks :( It takes a Keropi five years before it's sexually mature and can reproduce. Actually, I'm talking about sharks being killed for only their fins...

I'll have you know that the unusual (to me) top rack of the display case was nearly empty, while the more Western snacks were still quite plentiful. Taro is like a purple potato but it's used in desserts (shrug).

This picture is highly likely to gross out photographess PP ;D

Lovely cakes made in the light Asian style.

Pretty sure those decorations are meringue.



...just add your own noodles!
 Conch is a noun...everywhere except The Philippines.

This particular Asian grocery store has THE best selection of Haribo gummies! The Raspberry variety got cut out of the picture :/

These are tamarind flavor. They're from Thailand but I also see them in Mexican grocery stores. I call them "Oust".

Delicious chocolate from Germany that is a staple in just about every Asian grocery store I've ever visited! The biscuit and white chocolate variety are my faves!

...tee hee. Upper left corner says, "You just can't get enough!"

These are SO good!

Tomato Pretz are awesome but if you ever come across the rare giant variety, consider yourself quite lucky.

Le sigh!

I was so excited to read there was a new version of yogurt!

Then I saw the name of the company! It's toward the bottom of this poster, in the middle. Uhm...

Straight out of my 1980's sticker book and childhood dreams: icecream cone motif cookies! Screw you, Le Boulanger! I don't appreciate being tempted ;D    

Hello Kitty promotion at Yogurtland, near the former Calskate Milpitas site.


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