Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baseball Bases...

How far did you get? ;D


A Day In The Life...

After leaving work and checking up on Ken at Stampcraft, over in Santa Clara, I decided to visit the nearby Saratoga branch of my favorite Japanese bookstore. I used to visit weekly, but I haven't visited here in several years?! How fast the time goes! Yes, they called the cops on me ;D

 After I used the Kinokuniya gift certificates I've had since before I stopped collecting Takara dolls, I sauntered over to the Mitsuwa grocery store, which has a beautiful new facade! Inside was totally remodeled, too! There's this really fancy sweets department, now! The lady told me it's been there for three years already :(

 Mmm I love taiyaki, but the fresh ones from SF J-town are probably better!

 Authentic doriyaki! There was a real Doraemon pulling these out of his stomach pouch, and everything! (super geek reference!)

While the sweets were very pretty , the fancy/authentic snack counter didn't thrill me much. I walked over to the regular snack aisles, to see some old friends, like Crunky here. Lil Jon eats this ;D

OMG a whole bag of green tea Kit Kats?! That's new! I only saw these in crappy lil boxes for years!

Cosmetics and personal care aisles in Japanese grocery stores are always good for a chuckle. These are so you can have eyelashes like a Takara Jenny doll, I guess?

 Japanese guys want to be cool, like a dude from a 1920s novel, though soon to be a Leonardo DiCaprio movie, coming to a theatre near you!

These are like carrots, but they're as big as my arm! If someone says you have legs like a daikon, it means you have unshapely legs with poor skin tone ;D I learned that by reading a manga, back in the day.

I checked out the rest of the Japanese shopping center, seeing what stores had closed and what was new with the remaining shops. I then drove around the old neighborhood a bit.

The British Food store closed!? I guess someone finally figured out that British food is gross ;P

I didn't feel like singing karaoke, but it was nearby. I kept driving.

When I was almost home, I popped over to Big Lots to see if they had any soccer Legos, my new thing to collect. They didn't, but they had these!

One of these things is not like the others! I'm so glad I don't get Lil Wayne mixed up with Lil Jon, anymore!

Lil Wayne talks about being young and having money, while Lil Jon talks about Crunk and says "Yay!"

I got to see so much awesomeness, this evening! I should do this more often!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to 1997...

I completed my AA degree this semester. I first began attending community college back in 1997! That makes this my fifteen-year AA degree!

I wasn't going to participate in Commencement but I was talked into it, thankfully!


To The Dentist, The Candystore, Prison and Mexico...

I really shouldn't be eating candy for many reasons, but especially since my dentist recently found that I had the second cavity ever in my life! It was filled without incident or root canal. I really can't continue to be lazy and rely on my good genetics to protect my teeth forever, especially as I age.

Then I came across this blog's awesome instructions for how to make a Starburst wrapper chain bracelet, and started eating candy like mad:


This folding technique may have originated in prisons. My mother has a picture frame made this way, made with folded cigarette wrappers. I have some purses from Mexico made like this, made from snack packaging.

Some websites call these "Basura Bags". That's the Spanish word for garbage, but I love it!

I purchases a bulk bag of Starbursts from Target. When I realized there were uneven numbers of flavors, I purchased single candies from Partycity. I'm sure I'll be visiting them again, soon!

After a whole lot of unwrapping and folding, I'm done with the first bracelet now, and totally sick of Starbursts. I don't want to ever eat another Starburst, but yes, I did eat the 44 Starbursts that went into this picture, below:

My fingertips are so sore from all the folding involved in this type of project. Ow, indeed!


To Jamaica...

The other day, on Facebook, a friend-of-a-friend asked my friend if she knew how to, "make those bracelets with the strings? I lost my Bob Marley bracelet that said 'One Love' and I'm so sad!". Since it's rare for someone to make a friendship bracelet plea like that, these days, and my friend said she doesn't know how to make them, I volunteered.

I don't like to brag, but I'm an award-winning friendship bracelet maker. My friend says I actually don't mind bragging, at all. Is it my fault that I've won several Star Blue ribbons at the Santa Clara County Fair, between the years of 92-4?

I asked the bracelet-requester to find an example pic from the Internetz so I would know what he wanted, hoping it wasn't one of those wrapped string designs, which I actually don't know how to make. I grinned ear to ear when he sent me this picture:

This style is so easy, though it produces great results! I knew I could complete the bracelet in a day, and I did! I asked for his wrist and knuckle measurements, if he wanted any special numerology included in the design, and promised to listen to Bob Marley as I knotted the bracelet. He sent a friend request, so I was able to post progress pictures during the course of the day.

He asked for me to incorporate the number 21 into the design somehow. I included 21 rows of black in the beginning and the ends of the bracelet.

I listened to "Buffalo Soldier", "Is This Love?", "Redemption Song", and a whole lot of talk radio, from the local channel, Newstalk 810 AM. I realized that Eric Clapton totally stole the riff from "Redemption Song" for "Cocaine".

After this pic, I knotted twenty more rows of black, braided the end and was done!

The bracelet is now complete. When I updated FB with the news, the bracelet-requester was so happy that he typed all kinds of funny FB messages! He asked if he could hire me as his personal bracelet maker, but I told him I'm going back into retirement after this! I'm not going to charge him for this bracelet, but he doesn't know that yet. If I have time, I'll take a pic when I tie it on him.

And to think it all started with this:

My fingertips were already sore from the Starburst wrapper bracelet, but this project totally did them in!

He liked it! :)


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Street Art...

Taken in Saratoga, CA by me at a gas station, approximately 2007.

Found by me on the Internetz, the other day ;P

Street art, that is inclusive of all people, makes me smile :D


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Internetz Travel...

I've been exploring memes the past few months. I'm fascinated with their ability to become viral and infect all that view them. I particularly enjoy the meme known as "White People/Girl Problems" or "First World Problems" and I decided to make a few of my own.